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TAPR – New Project and Call Out

The Club Club:

After the success of the ‘100 Proofs’ Talk series, Tape Projects will be presenting The Club Club Talk series.

If  you are part of a club, secret society, clandestine organization and would like to share a little of your  experience with us we would love to hear from you: hq@tapeprojects.org


The Fraternal Daughters of the Aurumic Order will be initiating new members during the inaugural Sugar Mountain Festival at The Forum Theatre on April 30th.





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TAPR Portraits Project Reviewed

Simon O’Carrigan, a local artist, animator and writer, has started up a new blog called Figure Ground.

We think it’s fairly great and worth checking out on a semi-regular basis, not least of all because the very first post includes a shout out to our recent project at Platform:

The Values of Voids and Trash

It also covers some of the fantastic work that has shown in Melbourne recently, including Yvonne Todd’s work at NGV and Joseph Kosuth at ACCA.


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TAPR Portraits Project Documentation

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Tape Projects Portraits @ Platform 20 Year Anniversary

A peerer and a glancer.

Many moons ago, when we were younger, prettier, and our coffers overflowed with the sweet public coin, Tape Projects put in an application for a big group show at Platform. That show ended up being Arab Telephone, an unwieldy, whole-space group show with a slightly complicated but unifying structure that allowed us all a window to play with, plus a few to offer to some friends and other artists.

The next year, when we were considerably less flush with cash, we were invited to do a 6 month residency at Frame, the dedicated video window right down the end, in the darkest recess of the subway. The timing of this was so perfect for us- we were in the process of developing 100 Proofs, but as yet had no funding, and no time to do anything else. It killed two birds with one stone: an opportunity to test work in progress over a period of time, and a series of public outcomes for TAPR which would be supported by someone else, while we were too flat out to organise and promote our own gigs. Read the rest of this entry »

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