Tape Projects News & Events


Tape Projects (TAPR) is a collective of artists who create, curate and collaborate across time, space and artforms. Formed in 2006 in Melbourne, TAPR has birthed installations, performances, talks, screenings and publications as well as acted as midwife for the creative projects of a multitude of local, interstate and international peers. TAPR exhibitions and curated works have been included in Electrofringe, Transmediale (Berlin), Asian Art Biennial (Taiwan) and Sydney Festival.

TAPR Artists

Nic Whyte

Nic Whyte is an artist, graphic designer and master of the web (webmaster?) who is a founding member of Tape Projects. He currently works for MONA (The Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart, and has created artist websites for Rafaela Pandolfini, Dominic Redfern, Benjamin Ducroz and Eugenia Lim.

Jessie Scott

Jessie Scott is a founding member of Tape Projects, producing and collaborating on their events and publications, since 2007. She completed an Australia Council funded internship with Wholphin in San Francisco in 2009 and hopes one day to “really make a go of it”.

Eugenia Lim

Eugenia Lim works across video, photography, performance and installation. Her work explores themes of identity, race and cultural stereotype through performances on camera. She is a founding and ongoing member of Tape Projects. eugenialim.com

Zoe Scoglio

Zoe is a media artist who creates video and sound for public, performance based and site-specific outcomes. Current work involves spontaneous collaborations and explorations into transformation and ritual. As well as making solo and commissioned works, Zoe is as a collaborator and curator with Melbourne based artist-run-initiative, Tape Projects and The Gaylord Sisters.

Cait Foran

Sci-phonic ritualism inspired by the nuclear age and retro futurism. Tropical voodoo sci-fi. Tiki meets aliens. Cait Foran is a visual, sound, and installation artist from Queensland, who sometimes moonlights as Horris Matrix. She is interested in clumsy mythology, retro-futurism, pseudo-spiritualism, flawed anthropology, dodgy museum displays and faux nature.

Lee Anantawat

Lee Anantawat is an animator/illustrator from Bangkok. She likes to do animation with old school techniques, jamming and making noises with her band ‘The Gaylord Sisters’. At the moment, she loves to explore her drawing skills and keep introducing her imaginary friends to this world. Her works are very lively colorful, dreamy and most of the time happy.

Tanja Milbourne

Tanja Milbourne is a photographer and media artist focused on documentation and perception in architecture and urban landscape. Her installations regularly take the existing site as the subject for inquiry, engaging with the structure and context of the exhibition space, often extending to include the viewer, inviting questions about the surrounding environment and the act of seeing.

Michael Prior

Michael Prior is a media artist interested in creating interactive installation works that attempt to distort time perception via sound and architecture. He also produces recordings and performance work with Chronox as well as soundtrack work for film and TV.

Former Members

Alice Chang

Sunday Ganim

Lorraine Heller-Nicholas

Lizzy Sampson


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